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Mold, Bacteria, Viruses  |  Asbestos  |  Radon  |  Lead

As specialists in Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), we consider everything that creates a Healthy Home.

This includes indoor air quality (IAQ) caused by organic growth (mold, bacteria, viruses), radioactive breakdown (Radon in Air/Water), water quality, building material contaminants (Asbestos, Lead, Formaldehyde), organic compounds

(VOCs, MVOCs, Endotoxins, Chemicals, Proteins), byproducts (CO2, Ozone), electrical, and other sources that harm us.

Caution:  It's not about the KILL! Green products claim to be safe but are highly unregulated and hard to trust. The term Organic is also
a loose and flexible term. Air purifiers are not completely safe. We don't believe you can always trust the label or sales pitch. 

At Healthy Environments, we custom design strategies using physical techniques and processes for our primary methods of Source Removal,
rather than chemical applications that change or kill the physical properties, especially with regard to Mold Remediation.

We don't resort to gimmicks or shortcuts. We want you to have the Peace of Mind that comes with understanding your options and having the Right Job Done by the Right People using the Right Materials!

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